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Making Learning Fun And Innovative

Aiming To Reach Goals

The demand for day care facilities continues to grow every day. Most institutions tend to either focus on having the child enjoy their childhood and develop skills naturally, or prod them to focus on intellectual development to ace the test. If you're in Miami Beach, FL, visit us today.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Twinkling Star is about education blended with fun activities for the kids. We encourage the kids to participate in physical activities and direct them to use our well-stocked library. Creatively-inclined kids have access to various arts and crafts to unleash their creative and intellectual potential.

We Revere Values

Twinkling Star stands for educational excellence, unwavering dedication, and outstanding child care. Our goal is to promote every child's development at an individual level using an appropriate mix of academic and recreational activities. Our staff looks out for the welfare and education of your child.

Nourishment For The Mind And Body

Fun Activities



Academics alone are not sufficient for your child's overall growth; physical activities play a vital role.

Day Care

We'll feed your child the right blend of academics and games.

We encourage kids to participate in physical activities and arts and crafts to fuel their intellect.

Kids have access to our small

yet well-stocked library to enrich their knowledge.

Prepare your child for kindergarten, elementary school, and everything beyond with our enriching preschool program. Children learn to make their own choices and set foot on an educational journey to last a lifetime.

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